Wie kann man Phishing für die Verbesserung der eigenen IT-Sicherheit nutzen?
Mit Deception Technology!
Ein kostenloser Service von CyberTrap.

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Computer Services

Get Your Computer Up and Running Smoothly Again with the Original PC Doctor Computer Repair Services.

Mobile Services

Mobile phones, MP3 players and handheld gaming consoles keep us connected and entertained. We love setting up your great apps.

IT Services

Sales including New Computers, Laptop, Desktops, Servers, Printers, Peripherals, Consumables and Software.

Internet Services

Internet access connects individual computer terminals, computer networks etc. We can help get out from problems.

Why Choose Us

Same day services

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We do it all

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Competitive Price

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Fast Repair

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No Fix & No Fee

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15 Day Work Guarantee

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If you are experiencing any problems with your PC, MAC, Server, Internet or Network call us on


We will diagnose and repair any problem

We know technology from IT Services we can fix it no matter where you bought.We are here day & night, serving and protecting you by phone in store.

What Our Clients Saying About us

CyberTrap Phishing Service enttarnte E-Mails mit gefährlichen Links.

Sophie K.

(Financial Department)

CyberTrap Deception erkannte einen Hacker in meinem Netzwerk sofort und leitete diesen in unser Fallensystem um.

Simon W.

(IT-Security Specialist)

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